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„Discover the Wild in Zimbabwe!“

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Mighty, life-giving rivers embrace and traverse the country, flowing sedately or with frothing force. Hippos and crocodiles reign over their territories and protect their young.

In pristine wilderness, huge elephant herds drift along millions of years old paths over grassy plains and through shady forests to water. Lions lurk, crouched low, as buffalo herds wander slowly past. Eagles and vultures keep an eye on the land from on high, soaring above it all.

To the East, rugged mountains form a barrier for the rain clouds that waft inland from the Indian Ocean. In their shadow, dense tropical-looking primeval forests grow beside tea and coffee plantations.

Mysterious buildings, constructed by man many centuries ago, pose a conundrum to this day. Millennia-old rock paintings, concealed in cool caves, bear witness to their creator’s powers of observation and imagination.



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Zimbabwe offers you “a Safari with a difference” and more than a Safari.

Your Safari in Zimbabwe is different because here, as opposed to most of the neighbouring countries, besides going on Safari in the confines of a 4x4 vehicle, you will have the chance to literally set foot in the wilderness. Zimbabwe’s Safari guides have been through the longest and most intense training in the whole of Africa and are thus excellently qualified to offer you this amazing experience with the greatest possible safety.

You see everything from a completely different perspective, you have the time and the possibility to take heed of even the smallest animals and to learn something about their lives and habits. Many of the lodges in the Zambezi, Hwange, Matobo, Gonarezhou, Mana Pools and Matusadona National Parks offer the option of walking in the bush. Independent guides who take you into the wilderness, equipped with comfortable tents, also offer this service, for instance in Chizarira National Park.

Your Safari-Trip is more than a Safari because you can admire the monuments of former cultures and the rock paintings by the original inhabitants of the country without forgoing on your discovery of the wild for even a single day. Only a very few kilometres separate the Khami Ruins from the Matobo National Park. You can also marvel at the Great Zimbabwe Monument and white rhinos on the same day. In the morning you can take the death-defying jump off the Victoria Falls bridge held back only by a bungee cord, and in the evening have celebratory sparkling wine under the stars of Zambezi National Park.

There are many sensible reasons to choose Zimbabwe as a tourist destination. Zimbabwe is a country with enormous scenic contrasts within a relatively small area. From Kalahari sand and dry savannah with camel thorn trees in the West to a few spots of tropical forest on the mountain slopes of the Eastern Highlands, the country offers a wide variety of habitats for a diverse flora and fauna. The infrastructure is reasonably intact despite more than a decade of economic problems. Moreover, the people of Zimbabwe are lovable, hospitable, helpful and sincerely concerned about the welfare of their guests.

But sensible reasons are not pivotal for the choice of your dream Safari destination. Zimbabwe goes under your skin and deep into your heart if you allow it to, and then you cannot help but return again and again. The good news is: there is always something new to see and discover. Why don't you join us and let Zimbabwe work her spell on you!