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Who is ZimbabweTravel.de?

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May I introduce myself? Dr Sabine Gebele, Africa-fanatic and animal-lover since earliest childhood.

“During my first trip to Zimbabwe in 1990 I realized: Zimbabwe is THE country for me!”

Why Zimbabwe?

Due to its enormous diversity, this country has its very own magic. The mighty and so very capricious rivers Zambezi and Limpopo that form Zimbabwe’s northern and southern borders show a different face at every visit. Then there are the National Parks with their incomparable wildlife, in which you discover something new during every trip. No matter how many times you’ve visited, you will be surprised every time. The multifaceted landscape makes you want to look around the next curve in the road again and again. The people who have gone through so many years of economic difficulties always show their best hospitable smile and their irrepressible optimism.

Why ZimbabweTravel.de?

ZimbabweTravel.de offers tourism companies in Zimbabwe a neutral platform to showcase their business on the German market. At the same time, the German travelling public with an interest in visiting Zimbabwe has the option to gather information here without having the feeling that we are directly trying to sell something.  

Our partners, Zambezi Cruise & Safaris and Musangano Lodge offer you unique travelling opportunities in Zimbabwe. Should you be interested in a trip to Zimbabwe, please ask the tour operator of your choice to contact us. We will be delighted to assist: ZimbabweTravel.de