Gorges Lodge

This unique lodge is situated right on the edge of the Zambezi Gorge, about 20 km downstream from Victoria Falls. The scenery is spectacular, for each of the rooms has its own view into the depths of the gorge. Verreaux's eagles and Taita falcons nest in the walls of the gorge.

Little Gorges Tented Lodge, a tented camp on the edge of the Zambezi Gorge, offers 5 luxurious tents with a fantastic view over Dibu Dibu Gorge.
Attraktionen: Victoria Falls
Region: Matabeleland North Victoria Falls
Gorges Lodge
Anzahl Zimmer / Kabinen
10 thatched chalets
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Flight of Angels

David Livingstone said at the sight of the Victoria Falls: "Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight." 

Sunset Cruise

Enjoy the unique landscape, the impressive River and the sightings of animals and birds. A few snacks and drinks will be served to you on board.

Tiger Fishing

The upper Zambezi is known for its large and pugnacious tiger fish. Unlike the tiger fish in Lake Kariba, the fish in the upper reaches of the Zambezi constantly swim against the often very strong currents and therefore have more strength and endurance than their more sluggish cousins in the lake.

The Big Tree

The Big Tree is a huge Baobab tree that has a girth of roughly 18 metres and is estimated at almost 2000 years of age.

Floating Spa

The "Floating Spa" is a new idea by the operator Victoria Falls Anytime: You go on a boat cruise on the Zambezi and get a relaxing massage at the same time! 

Victoria Falls Marathon

Every year, in the southern Winter, there is the Victoria Falls Marathon to look forward to!