Guided Bush Walks in Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is particularly fascinating for guided bush walks due to the vastly different ecosystems. In the Kalahari sand area in the South, grassy plains alternate with shady acacia forests. This is the preferred territory of the cheetahs that can make use of the full potential of their speed in open spaces.  You will probably see Sable as well as Roan antelope and the occasional Kalahari Gemsbok in this area. On the soft sand of the roads, tracks are particularly visible. Your guide will be happy to explain the morning’s “Newspaper” to you.

In the North of the park the soil contains more clay and rocky hills rise up above the plain.  Dense Mopane forests are characteristic for this area. Aloes and Euphorbia grow on the rocky “koppies”.  Here, you will find the tiny Klipspringer antelope and the guinea pig-like Rock hyrax that live in the rock crevasses. With a lot of luck and a brilliant guide, you may catch a glimpse of one of the few remaining and very secretive Black rhino.  When you join your guide in climbing up onto one of the rocky outcrops, you will have a fantastic view of the park’s beautiful landscape.

Restriction: Usually not for children under 16 years
Advance booking: Advance booking recommended
Region: Matabeleland North