Daktari Photos

Photography has always been our passion, thus we have gathered quite a considerable collection of digital photos of the very diverse areas of Zimbabwe.

Should you wish to use our photos on your website or enquire whether you can use our photos for a presentation or similar, you are most welcome to send us an email!

You will find a few samples in the following gallery:

African Darter Sunset
Bird Bath Musangano Lodge
Eastern Highlands Hikers
Eastern Highlands Panorama
Elephant Bull Matusadona
Elephants Sunset Matusadona
Elephants Water Hwange
Inyangombe Falls Portrait
Lions Prey Hwange
Matopos Rhodes Grave Sunset
Matopos Rhodes Grave
Oxpeckers Zebras Hwange
Pamuzinda Safari Lodge
Saddlebill Matusadona
Steenbok Hwange National Park
Sunset Fire Matopos
Sunset Matopos Wine
Umbozha Master Suite
Umbozha Sanyati Gorge
Variable Sunbird Aberfoyle
Victoria Falls Sunrise Devils Cataract
Victoria Falls Sunrise
Vintage Camp Bush Dinner Ladies
Vintage Camp Bush Dinner Table
Vintage Camp Dinner Table
Vintage Camp Sundowner Gt
Vintage Camp Sundowner Landrover
Vintage Camp Sundowner Table
Vintage Camp Sundowner