The provincial capital of the Midlands is Gweru, Zimbabwe's third largest city. Midlands Province is of great economic importance to Zimbabwe due to its location on the Great Dyke.


Manicaland is the easternmost province in Zimbabwe and offers the visitor the scenically spectacular Eastern Highlands. Manicaland is bordered by Mozambique to the East.

Mashonaland Central

Mashonaland Central Province lies directly to the north of Mashonaland East, and its eastern boundary is again the border with Mozambique. The province offers her interested visitors two wonderful wilderness areas.

Matabeleland North

Matabeleland North borders on the Zambezi River and hence on Zambia to the north and on Botswana to the west. In this province, you will find Zimbabwe's most famous touristic attractions, the Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park.

Mashonaland West

Mashonaland West lies in the North of Zimbabwe, is bordered by the Zambezi River and Lake Kariba that form the border with Zambia. Two of Zimbabwe's most spectacular national parks are situated in this province.


Masvingo Province receives its name from its provincial capital with the same name. The town of Masvingo was formerly named Fort Victoria and was the first town in the country, named Rhodesia at the time.

Bulawayo Province

Bulawayo is Zimbabwe’s second largest town after the capital of Harare. The town was founded in 1894 and consists of quite a few nicely preserved Victorian houses and several modern high-rise buildings, quite a few extensive parks and broad boulevards edged with Jacaranda trees. In the Southern spring (September/October) these trees that originate in South America burst into bloom in their characteristic purple-blue colour and are completely covered in flowers.

Matabeleland South

The province of Matabeleland South borders on Botswana to the west and the Limpopo River and the Republic of South Africa to the south. One of the busiest and most turbulent border posts in Africa, Beit Bridge, between Zimbabwe and South Africa is situated in Matabeleland South.