Mashonaland West

The provincial capital, Chinhoyi, has an extraordinary natural wonder to offer her visitors. Not far from town lies an area in which limestone caves eroded and their ceilings collapsed. The water in one of these sinkholes is a deep cobalt blue, due to its extreme depth, and crystal clear.

The Mana Pools and Matusadona National Parks offer breathtaking landscapes and incomparable wildlife viewing!   

Mashonaland West

What to see

  • Mana Pools National Park

    Mana Pools National Park

    The Zambezi River is Zimbabwe’s northern boundary with Zambia. Mana Pools National Park covers an area of about 2500 square kilometres, most of this is within the extensive Zambezi Valley.

  • Lake Kariba

    Lake Kariba

    In 1958, this huge dam was completed, retaining the waters of the Zambezi River at a length of 220 km and a width of up to 40 km.

  • Matusadona National Park

    Matusadona National Park

    The 1400 km ² Matusadona National Park was proclaimed a national park in 1975, but it was already a protected area before the creation of the dam. Its northern boundary is the lake shore, to the east and west respectively, its borders are the rivers Sanyati and Ume.


Game Drives in Mana Pools National Park

The unique combination of the Zambezi floodplain with its gigantic Winterthorn trees with the inhospitable, rugged interior makes Mana Pools one of the favourite Parks in Zimbabwe.

Game Drives in Matusadona National Park

The very special thing about game drives in Matusadona National Park are the always new and changeable views over Lake Kariba.

Sunset Cruise at Kariba

Relax on board your boat with a sundowner, enjoy the unique landscape of Africa's largest man-made lake.

Fishing on Lake Kariba

Catch a delicious snack or meal, the bream of Lake Kariba taste excellent and fishing for them does not require much experience. Or pit your strength and skill against the famous fighting tiger fish of the Zambezi!

Half-day tour of Kariba

Visit the impressive dam wall between Zimbabwe and Zambia as well as the chapel of Santa Barbara, Kariba Heights and Mahombekombe township.