Matabeleland North

Matabeleland North has a wide range of interesting places to see as well as opportunities to marvel and to relax. Victoria Falls is certainly a must-see for first-time visitors; then there is Hwange National Park with its rich wildlife. The western end of Lake Kariba also lies in this province. Here, you have the option of crossing the lake to Kariba by ferry or cruise boat, or of just relaxing by the water and doing some fishing.  

Matabeleland North

What to see

  • Zambezi National Park

    Zambezi National Park

    The over 50,000 hectare Zambezi National Park offers visitors fantastic landscapes and a fascinating array of wildlife only 10 km outside of Victoria Falls Town.

  • Victoria Falls

    Victoria Falls

    Water is life and is thus always fascinating, especially when it fills all our senses in such unimaginable quantities and with such force as at the Victoria Falls.

    When you step out of the rainforest at one of the lookout points and stand still for a while, you will be mesmerized by the tumbling, plunging veils of water that form new patterns and shades of colour as you watch.  The thunder of The Falls at high water is so loud that other sounds become inaudible and you are protected from the noise, the bustle and the constant demands of everyday life. At low water you feel the spray on your skin as fine, cooling mist or when the river carries a lot of water, it feels like the rain during a violent thunderstorm that soaks everything in a split second. You can smell the freshness of the water as well as the wet, earthy scent of the rainforest. Even if every facet and every new sight tempts you to photograph it stop for a few minutes and simply do nothing but enjoy the amazing sensations. This wonder of the world is always worth it.


  • Kazuma Pan National Park

    Kazuma Pan National Park

    This park is situated in the northwestern corner of Zimbabwe between Kazungula (the border to Botswana), Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls. 31300 hectares of open grassland and natural pans mixed with small forests of Mopane are protected here. A series of natural depressions provide the animals with water, there are artificial boreholes that supplement the water supply in the dry season. There is also a small river that flows throughout the year. Herds of animals pass back and forth between Zimbabwe and Botswana, particularly at the height of the dry season between September and November.

  • Hwange National Park

    Hwange National Park

    One of the best-known protected areas in Zimbabwe is Hwange National Park. This park is also the largest in the country and the easiest to reach, both from Victoria Falls and from Bulawayo. This does not mean that the park is swarming with tourists and that its wilderness has been tamed. Far from it. There are both public and private tourist facilities, but they account for only a very small part of this massive park. The roads are in moderate to poor condition and there are few routes compared with the vastness of the park.

    For true nature lovers and for those who want to spend a few days deep in the wilderness, Hwange National Park is the ideal place to go. A tented camp under the African stars with only with wild animals and a few rangers as neighbours gives you the peace and quiet that you need to rebuild  your energy for a busy year ahead. Walking in the wilderness in search of animals, birds, tracks, interesting trees provides an intense experience of nature and its wonders.

  • Lake Kariba

    Lake Kariba

    In 1958, this huge dam was completed, retaining the waters of the Zambezi River at a length of 220 km and a width of up to 40 km.

  • Chizarira National Park

    Chizarira National Park

    With its approximately 2000 square kilometres, Chizarira is one of Zimbabwe's larger national parks.


Whitewater Rafting

The rapids beneath the Victoria Falls are your challenge for the day! Immediately after the Zambezi River plunges over the basalt cliffs of the Falls, the entire mass of water is forced through a narrow gorge with many shallows and rocks. The rapids have scary names like Stairway to Heaven, The Devil's Toilet Bowl or The Terminator and are graded for difficulty between 3 and 5. 

bungee jumping

At 111 m  the Victoria Falls Bungee Jump is far from being the highest in the World, but it is sure to be one of the most spectacular. You tumble in free fall towards the racing waters of the Zambezi River and have a background view of the Victoria Falls. 

Gorge Swing

There are two options for this: connected to a rope by a harness, you either jump off the bridge that connects Zimbabwe and Zambia, and swing like a pendulum through the gorge, or you jump off the edge of the gorge, a short distance down-river from the bridge. Pure adrenaline! 

Flying Fox

Equipped with a harness and attached to a steel cable, you hover about 120 m over the abyss of the Zambezi Gorge. This is similar to a zip line, but there is no incline to the steel cable, thus you move only very slowly. 

Canopy Tour

The Canopy Tour consists of a series of nine zip lines between about 40 m and roughly 90 m in length that criss-cross the Zambezi Gorge and lead through the dense primaeval forest.

The Big Tree

The Big Tree is a huge Baobab tree that has a girth of roughly 18 metres and is estimated at almost 2000 years of age.

Canoeing on the Upper Zambezi

Your day begins with a drive through Zambezi National Park in an open 4x4 vehicle up to the point where the canoes are put in the water. Breakfast and a safety briefing by your guide follow. Then you start down the river, over a few exciting rapids and always along the edge of the National Park. 

Waterhole Experience Siduli Hide

You spend at least 2 hours with the animals at the waterhole of the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. The hide is built on the same level as the water and camouflaged as a termite mound. 

Game Drives in Zambezi National Park

In the early mornings and late afternoons you can go on a game drive in Zambezi National Park in an open 4x4 vehicle and with an experienced guide. Immerse yourself in the African wilderness only a few minutes outside of Victoria Falls town.

Floating Spa

The "Floating Spa" is a new idea by the operator Victoria Falls Anytime: You go on a boat cruise on the Zambezi and get a relaxing massage at the same time! 

Victoria Falls Marathon

Every year, in the southern Winter, there is the Victoria Falls Marathon to look forward to!

Game Drives in Hwange National Park

You should bring your binoculars and your camera along on the 4x4 for your safari in the wilderness! With an experienced guide at the wheel, your start out on your search for wild animals.

Guided Bush Walks in Hwange National Park

There is nothing more exciting than to make your way on foot into Hwange National Park's wilderness with an excellent guide!

Hwange National Park - Pumping Legs for Water

Every year in the Southern winter, a mountain bike takes place in Hwange National Park to raise funds for the water pumps in order to provide water points for the animals during the dry season. 

Fishing on Lake Kariba

Catch a delicious snack or meal, the bream of Lake Kariba taste excellent and fishing for them does not require much experience. Or pit your strength and skill against the famous fighting tiger fish of the Zambezi!