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Join us virtually on our trips to Zimbabwe on this blog and follow us off the beaten track through the wilderness. Enjoy our photos of an often misjudged country in Southern Africa, allow yourself to be enchanted! Maybe you will come to Zimbabwe for real on your next African safari to experience the charm of this unique country for yourself.

Here you can find all reports about our exciting tours and trips in Zimbabwe:

The Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe's enchanting mountain landscape

The Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe are an excellent destination for mountain hikers, nature lovers, birdwatchers and anyone who enjoys peace and quiet. If you're interested in culture, you will also find plenty to keep you busy. Musangano Lodge near Mutare also offers the opportunity to gain an authentic insight into the life of the local population.

Zimbabwe’s Matobo Hills - spectacular landscapes and living history

In the rugged beauty of Matobo Hills National Park, visitors can find new, breathtaking panoramas behind every bend in the path. Wild animals, especially the highly endangered rhinos, are among the park's greatest attractions. The thousands of years old  San rock paintings are very much worth a visit, as is the magical panorama from Worlds View at the grave of Cecil Rhodes.