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Victoria Falls - The "Smoke that Thunders"

Zimbabwe - Much more than the Victoria Falls

  • Die Victoria Falls bei Hochwasser, hier die Main Falls
  • Sonnenuntergang bei einer Bootsfahrt auf dem Sambesi Fluss
  • Ein Besuch der Victoria Falls bei Sonnenaufgang lohnt sich immer.

Looking at Zimbabwe - Beyond the Victoria Falls

Looking at Zimbabwe - Beyond the Victoria Falls Looking at Zimbabwe - Beyond the Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe - much more than Victoria Falls

Who doesn't want to see the Victoria Falls, locally named "Mosi oa Tunya" - the “Smoke that Thunders”? The picturesque local name alone is fascinating. Whoever then searches for more information and finds out that Zimbabwe's Victoria waterfalls are the largest in the world, quickly adds this destination to their "bucket list".

Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe or Zambia? Such a difficult choice.

The Zambezi River forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, so these two countries also share the Victoria Falls. When the Zambezi floods between March and July, the Victoria Falls are spectacular from both sides. At low tide, between August and January/February, the Falls are usually only impressive on the Zimbabwean side. On the Zambian side, with dropping water levels, only small rivulets can be seen.

"Vic Falls" the adventure capital of the world

Many visitors to the town -which is also affectionately referred to as "Vic Falls"- set aside a day or two for their stay. Unfortunately, they do not realize until after their arrival that this is not enough. There is so much to do! From classic boat trips on the Zambezi at sunset to the death-defying jump from the over 100-metre-high bridge over the Zambezi Gorge, there are thousands of ways to explore. Feel free to take a look at the activities in Victoria Falls. For whitewater rafting, for example, you should calculate an additional day even if you are planning only a half-day tour. After the excitement, you need some time to relax.

The Victoria Waterfalls – can’t be “topped”?

A spectacular sight like Victoria Falls is, of course, a highlight of the Zimbabwe safari, maybe THE highlight. But Zimbabwe has much more to offer. As you will see below, Zimbabwe is a very diverse country that offers breathtaking landscapes along with fascinating wildlife and spellbinding cultural highlights.

National parks with spectacular wildlife sightings

Zimbabwe's best known national parks, Hwange National Park and Mana Pools National Park, offer exciting safari options. Luxury lodges, permanent tent camps, self-catering accommodation and camping safaris are available. You can drive yourself or go in search of wild animals with a guide and an open 4x4 vehicle. Even walking safaris with highly qualified guides are a very exciting option.

Rock paintings and "Houses of Stone”

In some of Zimbabwe's mountain regions, especially in the Matobo Hills, you can admire the rock paintings of the San. Some of them are thousands of years old and bear witness to the culture and experiences of these nomadic hunters and gatherers. The Great Zimbabwe Monument gave the country its name. The impressive granite stone buildings were built between the 11th and 14th centuries without the use of scaffolding or mortar.

Lake Kariba, Africa's largest man-made lake

The lake offers visitors to Zimbabwe the opportunity to relax on a houseboat for a few days during their safari. There is the option of crossing the entire lake by houseboat or enjoying a few day's cruising at either end of the Lake. You won't have time to be bored, you can fish, admire the sunsets and enjoy exciting animal and bird sightings along the lake shores.

The Eastern Highlands - Mountain Hiking and Cultural Experiences

Zimbabwe's highest mountain, Mount Inyangani, lies in the east of the country on the border with Mozambique. The mountain range of the Eastern Highlands offers many opportunities for hikers, birdwatchers and people interested in culture. Endemic bird species occur in the pockets of tropical forest in the Vumba. A strong community of artists, actors and musicians make Mutare a very interesting place to visit.

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Blick vom Danger Point auf die Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls bei Sonnenaufgang
Doppelter Regenbogen über den Horseshoe Falls
Main Falls bei Sonnenaufgang
Zebras grasen im Mana Pools Nationalpark
Ein mächtiger Elefantenbulle auf dem weg zum Wasser, Mana Pools Nationalpark
Löwen mit ihrer Beute im Hwange Nationalpark
Elefantenherde am Wasser im Hwange Nationalpark
Great Zimbabwe Monument, das Elliptische Bauwerk
Der Konische Turm des Great Zimbabwe Monument
Felsmalereien in der Nswatugi Höhle des Matobo Nationalpark
Matobo Nationalpark, Inanke Cave
Dramatischer Sonnenuntergang auf dem Karibasee
Hausboot auf dem Karibastausee
Die Berglandschaft in Vumba in den Eastern Highlands
Besteigung des Inyangani in den Eastern Highlands

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